Career Guidance Cell

A career Guidance Cell is run by the college to guide the students for developing their career counseling programmes. (Contact Person: Mr. Dipam Saikia)

A Career and Counseling Cell is set up in Tezpur College to address the diverse socio-economic challenges and geographic background of the hetero-generous population of students coming to the college and equity of access placement opportunities support information. It has been proved beyond doubt that availability of relevant and accessible information along with appropriate guidance can result in better career achievements beyond classroom

In the true spirit of the UGC guidelines the college has established the career and Counseling Cell in the campus to help the students in the field of future career. Regular classes are held and experience and leaders in the field of career guidance are invited to deliver lecture to the students.

Name and address of the Co-ordinator

Sri Bhanupriya Daimari

Associate Professor



Grievance Redressal Cell:

There is a Grievance Redressed Cell specially for students. (Contact Person: Mr. D. C. Gautam)

Centre for Extension Education:

Activities for Extension Education have been conducted at the different times.

(Contact Person: Sri Subhash Sarma)